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+15 Most Fascinating Dogs From Around The World

Komondor Sheepdog Image Source: Treehugger You probably wouldn’t be judged too heavily if you took a brief glimpse at this image and actually thought it was a sheep instead. That’s because that this breed of dog, the Komondor is used to blend in with sheep in order to protect them! Yep, it’s a breed of ...


12 Signs That A Pet Needs Exercise

Dogs Being Destructive Image Source: Reddit Have you ever come home from work or woke up to find that your dog has been chewing or destroying parts of your home? You might see that the couch has been chewed on or table legs, or maybe your shoes and clothes have been torn apart? This is ...


Here Is Why We Should Never Let Our Dogs Lick Our Babies

Dogs Have Really Strong Maternal Instincts Image Source: Reddit We have all heard of hundreds of stories of dogs looking after newborn babies and protecting them when they are in danger. This can be a very good thing but also can be incredibly dangerous for the child and the other family members. Due to the ...