8 Gym Exercises (YOU’RE DOING WRONG!)


2- Parallel Bar Dips

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Mistake 1: First of all, you shouldn’t do dips on a bench since your hands are locked behind your back, the exercise puts your shoulders in a very unnatural position that can cause impingement luckily with parallel bars, we could do dips without the hands being behind the back but even with regular dips on parallel bars.

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Mistake 2: there are still a lot of mistakes here to address, first of all, you shouldn’t be doing partial reps like I see many people doing at the gym, if you can’t do reps where you go all the way down until your upper arm is almost parallel with the ground, then work on improving your tricep strength with other exercises if you have an assisted pull-up machine or resistance bands, as well not going low enough is a problem, but going too low is also a problem.